Crossing Sherman Hill

Union Pacific: Crossing Sherman Hill and Other Stories

By Bess Arnold

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ISBN: 0-942035-51-8

Crossing Sherman Hill and Other Railroad Stories is a narrative of Union Pacific Railroad employees who rode the rails across southern Wyoming in the days of steam and beyond, as told in their own words. These are stories of humor and hazards, of bravery and blizzards, and of other adventures encountered while working on the railroad. This was a time when huge steam locomotives were used to deliver the nation's goods and luxurious streamlined trains carried passengers across the Continental Divide. It's an era now past but still remembered by those who chose to follow the steel pathway that is Union Pacific.

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Praise for this book:

"This book (is a) fine example of what should be published more often -- the personal recollections of the men who lived and ran our railroads over the first half of the last century."

-- Railfan and Railroad Magazine

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