Chicago & North Western Branch Lines: A Nebraska Experience

by Michael M. Bartels

The Chicago & North Western Railway once maintained a large branch line system serving many towns across east-central Nebraska, south of the Platte River. This photographic pictorial will examine the author's experiences while trying to help maintain rail service along a portion of this system, while also documenting the demise of these same branch lines. It will include a study of the economic promise and failure of the unique spin-off short line known as the Great Plains Railway between Seward and Superior, Neb.

Famous Lost Locomotives of North America

by James Reisdorff

This book will examine some of the more famous and well-known cases involving "lost locomotives" in the U.S. and Canada. These are locomotives which have become legends among rail historians for having been sunk, buried or abandoned while either in service or after their service days ended. The engines were never recovered for one reason or another, and are today part of the story of lost locomotives that intrigue both railroad enthusiasts and the public.

Union Pacific and the Last Roundhouse

by James J. Reisdorff

It is planned for this book to in part be a review of the history of railroad roundhouses in Nebraska, with an introduction giving a general overview of roundhouses in the state. The main part of the book will deal with one roundhouse in particular, which at this time is proposed to be the small Union Pacific roundhouse that was located at Columbus, Nebraska. This four-stall facility hosted small UP steam late in the steam era during the 1950s, with a bevy of UP 2-8-0 types handling chores on the branch lines to Spalding, Albion and Norfolk. Not only did these 2-8-0s handle regular traffic, but they were also used on two widely remembered steam excursions and were otherwise the target of numerous railfan photographers seeking out the last of active small UP steam.

These books are currently in various stages of production. The titles given are "working titles" and are subject to revision. We hope to publish several of these books during 2011, but the order in which they are completed will vary according to circumstances related to completion of the material by the author and the availability of time by the publisher to complete the many details involved with publication. For specific information on the status of completion of any of the following titles, or if you have any information or photographs to offer regarding any of them, please contact the publisher.

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