Where the Rails Cross

A Railroad History of Durand, Michigan

By I.E. Quastler

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Railroads have been an integral part of Durand, Michigan, for well over 100 years. Although the first railroad arrived in 1856, not until 1876 did Durand become a railroad crossroads. In 1895 the community began its development into one of Michigan's busiest railroad towns when the Ann Arbor Railroad moved its division point there. However, at the start of the 20th century Durand became increasingly a Grand Trunk Railway town. As the focus point of several GT routes, that firm built extensive yards, a large roundhouse, and an impressive Union Station. At Durand's high point, six Grand Trunk (later Grand Trunk Western) lines spread out from "The Hub," and it became "Michigan's quintessential railroad town." This is the story of the development of Durand, the town where the rails still cross. Included are over 190 photos (17 in color) of a memorable era in Michigan history.

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