The Race to Indian Territory

The Race to Indian Territory

Three Railroads, Their Struggle, and Their Ultimate Fates

By Robert Collins

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As railroads began to construct their lines across Kansas in the 1860s, laws were passed that would allow only one railroad to lay track south across what was then the "Indian Territory" (later the state of Oklahoma) in order to reach the shipping ports of Texas. Three railroads, the Katy, along with forerunners of the Frisco and the Santa Fe, eventually took up the challenge to be the first to reach the border. Out of this intense competition came one of the most fascinating accounts of early railroad construction on the Great Plains. The Race to Indian Territory recounts the story, the lives of those involved, and its surprising outcome.

This extensively researched monograph by Kansas railroad historian Robert Collins was made available to South Platte Press for distribution. It is mainly text, with three maps and a bibliography.

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