The Santa Fe Railway and the Lost Locomotives of Topeka

By James J. Reisdorff
and Lloyd E. Stagner

56 pages, softcover

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On July 13, 1951, two spans of the large Santa Fe Railway bridge at Topeka, Kansas, collapsed into the Kaw River at the height of the worst flood to devastate the state of Kansas. Also sinking into the rushing waters were three of ten old Santa Fe steam locomotives which had been placed on the bridge in an effort to stabilize it. In the years since, the story of the "lost locomotives of Topeka" have greatly intrigued railroad enthusiasts and history detectives alike. This book, filled with rare photographs, examines in detail the mystery and lore surrounding this dramatic incident from the Great Kansas Flood of '51.

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Praise for this book:

"Hopefully this interesting work might inspire someone with modern locating devices, whether magnetic, sonar, radar or a combination thereof to do a little exploring and find that missing engine."

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