Images of Rail: The Burlington Railroad, Alliance Division

By Richard C. Kistler, Michael M. Bartels, and James J. Reisdorff

128 pages, softcover
183 b&w illustrations

** This title is currently out of print. **
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Alliance, Nebraska, has been a railroad town ever since the Burlington Railroad established the community in 1888 while laying tracks across the vast, unsettled regions of Nebraska, South Dakota, Wyoming, Colorado and Montana. As a hub for trains carrying a variety of agricultural and mining products to market, Alliance became headquarters in 1902 for the Alliance Division, which for 86 years oversaw operations of much of the region's rail traffic. Despite having lost its division point status in 1988, Alliance continues to be an important operations center for today's BNSF. This book is a nostalgic look at the pioneer-era trains and railroaders that laid the groundwork for the region's current BNSF rail system for hauling Powder River Basin coal and other commodities. Topics covered include station facilities, passenger and freight train operations, and motive power. The three authors have a series of books about Nebraska rail history to their credit. This book is made available to South Platte Press by the publisher, Arcadia Publishing.

ISBN: 978-1-4671-1297-0

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