The Great Railroad War

United States Railway Operations During World War I

By Rudolph L. Daniels, Ph.D.

152 pages, 6” x 9" softcover
98 B&W illustrations

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World War I was the first global conflict of its kind, requiring mass mobilizations at unrivaled levels. The rail systems of many nations were put to the test by the war effort. Tasked to move troops, equipment, ammunition and supplies around the clock, railroads were pushed to the precipice of failure. This book delves into the often unrecognized and under-appreciated history of U.S. rail operations during and immediately following World War I. Rudy Daniels’ expertly written academic history focuses on the profound impact that American railroads and railroaders had on the war effort. American railroad operations at home are detailed, as are U.S. military railway operations both in France and Russia. The author also covers the 1918 government takeover of America’s major rail companies to ensure operating efficiency and the post-war groundbreaking Transportation Act of 1920. This title is being made available to South Platte Press for distribution by the Garbely Publishing Company.  

ISBN:  978-0-9966963-3-3

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