Ghost Railroads of Nebraska

A Pictorial

By Michael M. Bartels
and James J. Reisdorff

96 pages, softcover

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ISBN: 0-934904-48-0

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Ghost Railroads of Nebraska recounts the decline of many of the steel roads that once tied Nebraska cities and villages together in ceonomic prosperity. Using historic and contemporary photos, railroad historians Bartels and Reisdorff examine both the history and impact of railroad abandonments on rural Nebraska. An inventory is made of the corporate giants, short lines, interurbans and industrial spurs that were all part of the state's rail network, which once spanned 6,250 miles. The book also illustrates the historial artifacts that have been preserved -- and lost -- along the abandonded grades of Nebraska's "ghost" railroads.

Praise for this book:

"If you enjoy finding an old right-of-way and following it, this book is for you."

-- "The Local" newsletter, National Railway Historical Society, Kansas City Chapter

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