Dakota, Minnesota & Eastern

Dakota, Minnesota & Eastern

A Modern Granger Railroad

By Andy Cummings
and Jerry Huddleston

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ISBN: 0-942035-71-2

Dakota, Minnesota & Eastern tells of a success story in the modern railroad era. Created in 1986 from former Chicago & North Western lines in South Dakota and Minnesota, DM&E has struggled and prevailed to become part of the largest regional railroad system in the United States. Extending from the Mississippi River to the Black Hills, the DM&E has long been an agriculture-based, or "granger," railroad. Now, DM&E is again making history as it strives to become the newest railroad to haul coal from the Power River Basin of Wyoming to fuel the power plants of the Upper Midwest. How DM&E has reached this milestone is told in the words of those responsible for its creation and those who have kept the trains of the DM&E moving despite natural disasters and equipment failures. The book includes more than 100 photos -- most in color -- and a current DM&E locomotive roster.

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