Chicago's Great Railroad Stations

A Later Day Pictorial and Photo Tour

By Dale Monsell

68 pages, softcover

** This title is currently out of print. **
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This title is a nostalgic last look as documented by the author in the summer of 1969 — the last year in which all six of Chicago’s major train stations were in regular operation. The author, then employed by the Association of American Railroads in Chicago, made it his mission to photograph the final days of the great stations before they were gone. Mostly color photos show detailed views of each station’s distinct architecture, as well as images of station employees, travelers and the passenger trains. Featured are Grand Central Station (B&O, C&O, Soo Line, CGW, PM), Chicago Union Station (PRR, CB&Q, GM&O, CMStP&P), Dearborn Station (C&WI, C&EI, Erie, GTW, Monon, AT&SF, Wabash), LaSalle Street Station (NYC, NPR, CRI&P), North Western Station (C&NW) and Central Station (IC, Big Four, MC, SSL). The author has made this title available to South Platte Press for distribution.    

ISBN: 978-0-692030-94-3

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