The Big Legacy of the Union Pacific Big Boy

Why Railfans Still Love the "World's Largest" Steam Locomotive

By James J. Reisdorff
and Michael M. Bartels

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The Union Pacific Railroad "Big Boys" are often credited as having been the largest steam locomotives in the world. Although these 25 steam giants last operated in 1959, their contribution to transportation history has not been forgotten. There are now eight Big Boys preserved at various museums and parks across the United States. This book, with text and more than 70 illustrations, describes the post-steam era story of Big Boy. It looks at not only what has become of the eight surviving locomotives, but also how human interest in these huge machines manifests itself in both the railroad hobby and popular culture. It also examines the question that has often been asked by railroad buffs everywhere: Will a Big Boy ever return to the rails?

ISBN: 0-942035-73-9

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