Union Pacific and Omaha Union Station

By Carla Johnson

84 pages, softcover


Union Pacific Motive Power In Transition

Union Pacific and Omaha Union Station tells of the development of all Union Pacific Railroad stations in the history of Omaha, Nebraska. Between 1866 and 1971, a succession of different station buildings reflected Omaha's growing importance as the nation's fourth-largest railroad center. Special detail is given to the peak years of rail passenger traffic through Omaha, which culminated in the construction of America's first Art Deco railroad terminal: the 1931 Omaha Union Station. Once served by seven railroads, Omaha Union Station is a story of the rise and fall of an architectural tribute to railroad majesty, and of its rebirth as today's Durham Western Heritage Museum.

ISBN: 0-934904-44-8

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Praise for this book:

"This is a well thought out, well presented history of the station in Omaha, including the Burlington Route station across the tracks from Union Station. ... This book is a good value, combining the scholarly treatment of a research piece with the easy-going style of the popular press."

-- The Railroad Station
Historical Society Bulletin

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