Power for the Streamliners

The Union Pacific's E8A/E9A Fleet

By Robert P. Olmsted

48 pages, softcover


In the opinion of many who were witness to the epoch of the streamlined passenger train, the precursor that presented a beautiful first impression of the conveyance in its tow was either the E8 or E9 diesel-electric locomotive. These high-speed machines were constructed by General Motors' Electro-Motive Division of La Grange, Ill., between 1949 and 1964. Customers included the Union Pacific Railroad, which acquired cab-equipped "A" units and cabless booster "B" units of both models. All E8/E9 units have since been retired from regular revenue passenger service. However, Union Pacific has been in the forefront of corporate history preservation by retaining an active trio of E9s as part of its steam and diesel heritage fleet. The E's now appear across the expanse of the UP system while heading up passenger specials that recreate the company's "Road of the Streamliners" image. This book is a pictorial celebration of the Union Pacific E8 and E9 diesel locomotive and a re-living of the regal age of streamlined thoroughbreds.

ISBN: 978-0-942035-79-7

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