Hero of the Rails

A story of courage along the A-B-C line of the Union Pacific Railroad

By James J. Reisdorff

88 pages, softcover
30 B&W illustrations


In June 1905, two-year-old Paul Ussary was playing on the railroad tracks of the St. Joseph & Grand Island Railway near Powell, Neb. Tragedy seemed certain when a freight train suddenly rounded the curve. However, the locomotive's fireman, George Poell, suddenly leaps into action. Little Paul is saved, but George is maimed for life. Hailed a national hero, George becomes the first recipient of a new Congressional medal for railroad valor. It's a long-forgotten story of hero worship, political scandal and bonds of eternal gratitude between two men. It’s also a historic account of what is now the A-B-C line of the Union Pacific Railroad in Nebraska.    

ISBN: 978-1-7340266-7-2

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